Performance is everything

Regal Packaging Ltd offers advanced polymer thermal ink technology.

Unlike competitor thermal non porous inks, polymer thermal inkjet inks are unique as they contain polymer resins.

This means that POLYtij ® V3.0ie ink not only sticks onto non porous substrates they are also hard to rub (+50) and scratch off making them ideal for most applications on plastic, glass and most metals used in the FMCG market.



Regal Packaging Ltd offers advanced nano pigmented ink technology.

NANOtij black nano pigmented inks offer edge precise print quality for documents and images with no more bleeding, smudges or undefined images making class A barcodes.

Enhanced yields of upto 50% lower ink are possible whilst retaining consistent rich and saturated black in quality.

NANOtij ULTRA is a new INTENSE BLACK pigmented ink designed to print 30% darker prints where ultra black barcoding or text is required no matter what the cost of print.