An evolution in thermal non porous inkjet printing

Regal Packaging Ltd

Regal Packaging Ltd offers advanced polymer thermal ink technology.

Unlike competitor thermal non porous inks, polymer thermal inkjet inks are unique as they contain polymer resins.

This means that POLYtij ® V3.0ie ink not only sticks onto non porous substrates they are also hard to rub (+50) and scratch off making them ideal for most applications on plastic, glass and most metals used in the FMCG market.

We also have released a new range of porous & semi porous inks. Our new HYBRIDtij ® semi porous inks can print onto paper, cardboard and even coated stocks with intense blackness.

We also offer an innovative range of EDIBLEtij ® HACCP direct food contact inks and our exciting POLYtrust ® HACCP visible & invisible inks for fruit & vegetables, baked products and confectionary.